Fallen Fruit

Fallen Fruit Biography Fallen Fruit is an art collaboration originally conceived in 2004 by David Burns, Matias Viegener and Austin Young. Since 2013, David and Austin have continued the collaborative work. Fallen Fruit's photography developed by mapping fruit trees growing on or over public property in Los Angeles. Fallen Fruit's photography collaboration has expanded to include serialized public projects and...

More works by ‘Fallen Fruit’

Estás Como Mango / Puerto Vallarta, commissioned by OPC The Endless Orchard, Creative Capital The Fruit Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree / Atlanta, commissioned by the Atlanta Contemporary The French Quarter / New Orleans, commissioned by Newcomb Art Museum The Practices Of Everyday Life (The Blood Of The Land aka Red Dogwood) / Louisville, Kentucky, commissioned by 21c Museum Hotel Adam and Eve with Mangoes, Estas Como Mango