Helen Levitt

Helen Levitt Biography Helen Levitt is a talented photographer born and raised in New York. Helen Levitt captured beautiful images for over 60 years to define her incredible style of work. Helen Levitt most often photographed images of men, women, and children acting, playing, and enjoying life in New York City. Helen Levitt's work is often described as poetic and playful because of the stories that it so easily tells. Helen Levitt has had major museam exhibitions, solo shows, and major retrospectives of her work throughout her lifetime and beyond. Helen Levitt has also been the recipient of many awards honoring and respecting the contibutions she has made to the world of photography. Helen Levitt has quite often been revered as 'the most celebrated and least known photographer of her time.' Her work has been admired and used to teach and inspire many, and it is clear that Helen Levitt's photography has left a mark on the art world.

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