Terri Loewenthal

Terri Loewenthal is an Oakland-based artist whose recent work examines the intersection of landscape and psyche. In her new series, Psychscapes, Loewenthal investigates the sublime expanse of land and sky romanticized in the still-potent mythology of Utopian California. Psychscapes are single-exposure, in-camera compositions that utilize special optics developed by Loewenthal to compress vast spaces into complex, evocative environments. These photographs...

More works by ‘Terri Loewenthal’

Psychscape 848 (Hummingbird Lake, CA) Psychscape 94 (Manzanita Lake, CA) Psychscape 600 (Arizona Hot Springs, AZ) Psychscape 35 (Lone Rock, AZ) Psychscape 03 (Lassen, CA) Psychscape 06 (Gold Lake, CA)