George Lange Biography

George Lange grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He credits the joyful childhood with influencing his playful approach to photography, often portraying subjects revealing sides of themselves that are not often shared. His subjects range from friends in his community to the some of the most famous people in the world.


Lange graduated from RISD (the Rhode Island School of Design) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. It was at RISD where Lange met Francesca Woodman as a fellow student. The two became friends and would take pictures of one another. After Woodman committed suicide in 1981, Lange kept his pictures he took of Woodman, along with a selection of prints and ephemera that she gifted to him in a box for close to forty years. Lange eventually exhibited these cherished photographs and objects at the Denver Art Museum in 2020. Lange, who went on to be a very successful editorial photographer saw that Woodman had a special eye for picture making and his photographs are imbued with an appreciation of her art. The photographs Lange took of Woodman are a contrast to the self-portraits she took of herself, portraying her as a young woman, relaxed and playful.


Lange worked for photographers like Duane Michals and Annie Leibovitz before establishing his own career. His work has appeared in publications such as, Vouge, Rolling stone, Vanity Fair, Esquire, people, and The New York Times, to name a few.