Jackson Fine Art is thrilled to present two solo exhibitions by Mona Kuhn

and William Christenberry. The tie that binds these two seemingly foreign bodies

of work is one of deep nostalgia for moments past and the preservation

of memory around place.


The setting for Mona Kuhn’s latest series, Bordeaux, is the artist’s rustic

country home in France, where she travels annually. In this house is a room with

red patterned fabric on the walls and a single chair. Mona focuses on the simple

beauty of the human body and the spirit of her subjects fills the room. As with her

previous series, Kuhn depicts her friends and family in a familiar place- whether it

be her home in the South of France or her native country of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

She allows her sitters to pose themselves and only uses the natural light

streaming in from the double doors to her back. The photographs themselves

serve as mementos, richly evoking the atmosphere and essence of her rustic and

stripped down surroundings. Kuhn writes, “The photographs are similar to bread

crumbs that I throw on the path to help me memorize a way back to this place

and these emotions.”