For our first exhibition of photographs by Karen Knorr, Jackson Fine Art presents a selection of images from Knorr's series India Song and Metamorphoses, shot between 2012 and 2017 in opulent homes, palaces, and temples in India and Italy. By superimposing a variety of animals, photographed separately by the artist, in unlikely environments, Knorr interrogates the boundaries between nature and culture. Far from personified, the subjects of these "portraits" appear out of time and place, a commentary on the ecological tensions of our increasingly interconnected world. 

 Karen Knorr (b. 1965) was born in Germany and grew up in San Juan Puerto Rico in the 1960’s. She has been the professor of photography at the University for the Creative Arts since 2010. Knorr’s work explores cultural heritage and its ideological underpinnings. Questions concerning post-colonialism and its relationship to aesthetics have permeated her photographic work since the 1980’s. Knorr won the V International Photography Pilar Citoler Prize in 2010. She has been nominated for the Deutsche Börse in 2011 and 2012 and Prix Pictet in 2012. Karen has exhibited her work worldwide and is included in collections including the Museum of London, Tate, Pompidou, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Folkwang Museum, Essen, Kyoto Museum of Modern Art.