Jackson Fine Art is also pleased to present photographer David Hilliard’s third solo show at the gallery, Molt, a selection of his most recent work. Admittedly, not every aspect of life is profound, but through his signature multi-paneled photographs Hilliard is able to make significant those moments that make up most of our lives and usually go by unnoticed. He layers meaning in his constructed narratives, conveying the exhaustive range of emotions that

drive the human conditions—solitude, joy, reflection, sexuality—through a series of commonplace experiences, like sitting on a bench with a friend or lifting weights in the garage. His use of composition, color, and focus of the camera lens are akin to literary devices, utilized to evoke deeper meaning. Hilliard is a keen “visual storyteller.” Like the best works of fiction, in his photographs, under the surface of the story runs a current of timeless themes.