In a similar fashion to that of Cartier-Bresson’s “the decisive moment”, Epilogue will explore “the moment after” with photographic works by a broad range of artists who explore this theme in a number of different ways.


In many ways “the moment after” is a cornerstone of documentary and reportage photography.  Frequently, the record of an event is a record of its aftermath.  From Weegee’s crime scene photographs to Edward Burtynsky’s and Richard Misrach’s documentation of man’s intervention with nature, photographers are often not there as the action happens, but are there to record its effects.  These photographers as well as others will contribute to Epilogue’s acknowledgement of the inherent nature of “the moment after” in documentary and reportage photography.  Additionally, emerging artists Connie Mae Boltz and Melanie Pullen add a twist to the reportage element by staging crime scenes and then photographing them.  Emmet Gowin and David Miesel have also been asked to contribute works exploring man’s effect on nature.