Joseph Guay's series of work, Memory Portraits, also addresses questions of perspective and subjective experience.  The pieces, photographic images with inlaid video installations, present an engaging dichotomy between the stark minimalism of the portraits and the fluidity of the video installations.  The subjects themselves, people Guay has met over the past three years in Atlanta, New York, and Cuba, filmed the video footage featured in the work.  He asked each to carry a small camera and capture, at eye level, moments within their lives.  The result is a projection of each participant's memory; the videos capture in real time the images and experiences that inform a person's psychic life. 


For Guay, the artistic process extends past the tactile meeting of camera and light or painter and sitter — it depends upon the formation of real relationships between people.  His work conveys that desire to connect to another person's complete life.  Innovative and powerful, Memory Portraits allows the viewer to inhabit another way of seeing, to participate in the "collection and trade of someone's memories."