Jackson Fine Art is pleased to kick off the 2015 season with a selection of provocative images that both interrogate and celebrate the south. Solo exhibitions by Gordon Parks and Andrew Moore—two artists with a talent for poignantly documenting place—set an incisive gaze on the region, capturing public and private spheres with incredible intimacy. Also exhibited in the viewing room will be a series of Steve Schapiro’s rarely-seen photographs of the Selma-to-Montgomery march.

Throughout Andrew Moore’s 35-year photographic career, he has positioned himself at the forefront of contemporary photography, capturing places of historical significance in all of their beauty and squalor. His work in Cuba, Russia, and post-recession Detroit has garnered international attention, and now his interest has turned to a regional exploration of the United States, particularly the American south, an area that has fascinated him since he first began to take pictures. Moore’s Southern renaissance is a revisitation and a way of marking time, allowing the artist to reflect on changes to the landscape as well as in his own life.