Jackson Fine Art is proud to present Central Park & Paris, our second solo exhibition featuring exquisite black and white photographs by one of the most influential photographers of our time – Bruce Davidson.

In Bruce Davidson's Central Park & Paris, we discover “the park”, a common theme throughout art history, to be a democratic retreat from bustling city-life. Davidson writes, “Central Park is a man-made environment that can make us believe we are in the wilds of Minnesota or on the peaks of the Bridger Wilderness. As we stroll the Ramble, explore the Ravine, or jog along the Reservoir, the line between reality and illusion is blurred. The park has trees more than a century old.“ Equally rooted in history, Paris, known as “the City of Light” and “the City of Love” is also known for “the City of Nature” where four-hundred-year-old trees, lush public gardens, and an array of parks define the character of a city devoted to beauty. “I am just a humanist. I just photograph the human condition as I find it. It can be serious. It can also be ironic or humorous. I’m political, but not in an overt way. Of course, everything we do in life is political. Almost everything.”