Lalla Essaydi's exquisite photographic narratives paired with the inventive and artful paper wigs, in conjunction with Pfizenmaier's vintage fashion photographs present a triumvirate of the exotic side of fashion, from Essaydi’s use of neo-orientalism of Ingres to the present day with PaperCut-Project," said Anna Walker Skillman, owner of Jackson Fine Art and curator of the show. "This is the very first gallery exhibition for these exquisite paper wig sculptures that have become a fixture in the popular press and now the runway." Jackson Fine Art will be exhibiting selections from three of Lalla Essaydi's recent series, in which the artist negotiates different realms of material iconography in order to create a range of startling tableaus. In Les Femmes du Maroc, Essaydi utilizes layers of Islamic calligraphy applied to fabric and skin, resulting in an arresting and path-breaking photographic series. In the series Bullets, composition becomes arsenal as the female subjects recede, leaving the viewer's eyes anchored by jewelry made of spent machine-gun shells. In Harem, Essaydi turns to dense patterning, resulting in a fusion of garment and wearer and drawing attention to spatial context as instrumental to the presentation of self.