Jackson Fine Art is thrilled to kick off 2013 with three exhibitions that explore changing foreign lands. In our main gallery space, we present George Georgiouʼs colorful and captivating photographs of modern-day Turkey as the country struggles to reconcile its history and traditions with new developments and Westernization. In addition to its own population surge, over 33 million travelers are projected to visit Turkey in 2013, becoming one of the worldʼs leading tourist destinations. Georgiou writes, “While living in Turkey for four and a half years, I was surprised at how quickly change was taking place: landscapes, towns, and cities reshaped, an extensive road network under construction, town centers ʻbeautified,ʼ and large apartment blocks springing up at a rapid rate around every town and city. Almost always, the architecture and infrastructure follow the same blueprint. Cities are becoming carbon copies of each other.”