Todd Selby’s popular blog “The Selby is in Your Place” has become a sub-cultural pop icon for music, fashion and design fanatics.  His illustrated and photographic diaries have also attracted the renowned publisher Abrahams with his first book released in 2010.  Mr. Selby has been photographing the interiors and exteriors of homes and studios of his friends and acquaintances in places such as New York, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Paris, and London.  Last year Selby’s installation of photographs, objects and drawings graced the windows of the notorious Parisian boutique Collette. Some might visit the Eiffel tower in Paris but Collette is the first stop for many design connoisseurs, thanks to the incredible selection and display of everything “that's hip, unique and hard to find”, a perfect fit for Selby’s work.

Todd Selby makes interesting and incredibly intimate photographs of artists, designers, writers, and muses in the settings they inhabit and those that inspire them. The interiors Selby selects are secondary to their inhabitants; Todd seems to labor under the assumption that, by choosing fantastically creative and relentlessly energetic subjects, he is sure to stumble upon some beautiful and captivating spaces. His logic works — the spaces Selby captures are skillfully designed and elegantly composed, but it is Selby’s precision in documenting the highly personal items that transform a home into a sort of autobiographical installation that makes these images so revealing, and ultimately, a purer portrait.