Jackson Fine Art is pleased to announce our upcoming exhibitions with Roger Ballen and Angela West. In their featured collections, Boarding House and Trigger, Ballen and West investigate notions of stasis, offering up collections that transform the inanimate into the dynamic.  

We are honored to present Angela West’s fourth exhibition at Jackson Fine Art. Trigger is a selection of photographs West has created over the past two years. Referencing still life and tromp ‘loeil, these austere photographs submit evocative objects on a background of negative space, resulting in an image that demands the viewer to absorb and internalize the meaning of their spartan subjects. Dusted with color from an intentionally quiet palette, the images are titled from song lyrics West gathered while composing the work. Like a collection of songs, the images aim to trigger our memory while creating a contemporary look at the sentimental and romantic act of gathering, collecting and archiving objects for memory’s sake.