Atlanta, GA, May 8, 2009- Jackson Fine Art is pleased to present photojournalist Steve Schapiroʼs iconic images from Francis Ford Coppalaʼs, The Godfather. Schapiro's photographs provide an insider's view of the making of the legendary trilogy. Imagine the experience of witnessing renowned actors as they created their most unforgettable performances. "The Godfather trilogy is a story about love, honour, revenge, violence, family, and the handing down from one generation to the next. It strikes chords in all of us. It was a coming together of script, direction, actors, lighting, costume, and scenic design. I was very fortunate to see all this happen firsthand, along with the behind the scenes moments that made it an even more poignant event." The Godfather Family Album, a coffee-table book published by Taschen, contains more than 400 of Schapiroʼs images and allows viewers a privileged behind-the-scenes glance in the making of film history. This edition is limited to 1,000 copies, each numbered and signed by the artist. Selected works from Schapiroʼs Heroes, a personally selected collection of images of some of the most influential Americans of the last century, will also be shown. Schapiroʼs Heroes is a visual journey that allows us to view the most intimate moments of iconic and influential figures, such as Muhammed Ali, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Andy Warhol and Ray Charles. In the turbulent decade of the 1960s, Schapiro traveled throughout America, making compelling black and white photographs that recorded the people, their environments and their social concerns; photographs that defined the era. Schapiroʼs photographs have appeared on the covers of most major magazines in the world, including Life, Look, Time, Sports Illustrated, Paris Match, and the first People magazine cover. In Hollywood he has worked on more than 200 motion pictures; his most famous film posters are for Midnight Cowboy, Taxi Driver, Parenthood, and The Godfather Part III.