“A lot of the reason why I wanted to direct was I wanted to talk to actors the way I wished a director would talk to me,” explains 29-year-old actor Chris Lowell of his forthcoming directorial debut, Beside Still Waters. 2014 is a busy year for the Atlanta, Georgia native. Earlier this month, Lowell’s new comedy series Enlisted premiered on Fox. This week Brightest Star, the actor’s first feature film as the leading man, will open in New York and L.A. He’s currently securing distribution for Beside Still Waters, and will appear in the long-awaited Veronica Mars film (as Veronica’s rival love interest) in March. Over the weekend, he started rehearsals for a play based on Ernest Hemingway’s posthumous memoir, A Moveable Feast, which he just happens to have co-written with his girlfriend. Oh, and did we mention Lowell is a photographer who has shown his work at Stephen Cohen Gallery in Los Angeles and Jackson Fine Arts in Atlanta, and once co-hosted Photo L.A. with David LaChapelle."


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