I grew up in North Georgia in a small town at the foothill of the mountains. As a kid I played in a cow pasture filled with creeks behind my grandparents’ house. On the flip side I would spend weekends working on Dynasty and Dallas montages with two hooked up VCRs instead of going to the Friday night football games. Being interested in imagery I found my way to photography. As a teenager I made a visit to the Art Institute of Atlanta and after the tour saw girls all in black smoking cigarettes and thought “this is what I have been looking for.”

After school, I moved to New York, got a job at Industria Superstudio working in the equipment room, then nudged my way in to assisting photographers. The husband of one of the photographers was a rep and decided to take me on after seeing me hustle on an assisting job. I slowly starting shooting fashion, music and advertising jobs while I would return to my hometown and photograph my family in Georgia. Later I found out I wasn't wired for New York City life so I returned home and made my personal work my priority. A team I used to collaborate with in Brooklyn for ad work, GHava, chose to publish my book featuring photos of my family called Second Place. Now I am with contemporary photography gallery Jackson Fine Art in Atlanta.

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