Worsham’s journey back to her hometown of Richmond, Virginia, to the street she grew up on, Bostwick Lane, led her to her greatest muse: her mentor and oldest neighbor, Margaret Daniel, who is also the voice on audio recordings that often accompany the photographs. In the recordings, Daniel recounts a lifetime of memories on the street, including Russell’s last interaction before taking his own life:

I made your brother my homemade bread, his favorite . . . I buttered a slice and took it up to him, and he called down, Margaret can I have some more of that bread? He finished the whole loaf, and then me and your mother went for a walk down the lane and when we came back he had shot himself.”

The series By the Grace of God is also an exploration of the uncommon in the everyday: chance encounters with strangers that lead to eureka moments and stunning portraits — ripe persimmons fallen atop a grave, close friends, flora and fauna. Reflected in them all, there is the spirit of Worsham, a photographer who has worked her way through the mire of grief to find the beauty that surrounds her.

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