New Southern Photography was conceived in 2012 as a way to promote the superb photography being practiced in the twenty-first century American South. New Southern Photography highlights a new generation of emerging, mid-career and established artists who are making innovative and provocative work in and about the American South.

New Southern Photography features the camera-formed imagery of twenty-five photographers, filmmakers and video artists. The exhibition serves as a space for creating a conversation through the photographic arts about regional identity within the context of an interconnected and global world. New Southern Photography not only explores recent contributions the American South has made to international art through photography, but also serves as a platform to broaden the understanding and appreciation of a complicated, contested and often misunderstood place.

The American South is changing fast. Photographic technology is constantly evolving, and so are the stories Southerners are telling through photography. Today, Southerners have new stories to tell, stories as diverse as the region’s inhabitants. And even though the stories of the present may be different than those in the past, the Southern storytelling tradition of weaving tales about memory, place, land, family and history – some true and some not – remains central to the narrative of the region. – Richard McCabe, Curator of Photography, Ogden Museum of Southern Art

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