It's been 50 years now since Nick and Bobbi Ercoline first walked on a particular hillside in Bethel, New York.  "Brings me back to the time when I was 20 years old and falling in love with this beautiful woman here," Nick said.

They were not alone that first time – far from it. Half a million others were camping out with them on Max Yasgur's farm on that mid-August weekend in 1969. At the Woodstock Music and Art Fair – "Three days of peace and music," the poster promised – what no one counted on was torrential rainstorms that turned the site into a muddy mess, with food, water and bathrooms all hard to come by.

One festival-goer told a CBS News correspondent at the time, "I'd like to say that I think this whole scene is out of sight, this is a real groovy scene!"

Correspondent Jim Axelrod asked Nick and Bobbi, "All those people packed in so tightly, conditions that weren't ideal -- what was the vibe like right here?"

"We were all in it together," Bobbie replied.

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