Sometimes, it’s what is hidden that creates the magic in our photographs. Yoffy Press has just released a new Triptych book series titled Reveal, featuring  the work of Cig HarveyAndrea Modica and Debbie Fleming Caffery. “Each artist has It considers what the photograph exposes and what it keeps secret, what the viewer is meant to know andwhat the artist wants to hold close. The reveal is intentional or accidental, transformative or suggestive. And sometimes, the veil shifts just enough to give us a glimpse of something truly real, raw, and exceptional.

Reveal is the fourth set in Yoffy Press’ Triptych series. In each Triptych, three artists are given a word to inspire the creation of a small book of work. The three resulting books are sold as a set, inviting the viewer into the collaboration to make connections between the projects and the overarching theme.”

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