Opening on Nov. 13, Jackson Fine Art Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia opened its doors to viewers who had made appointments in advance to view their newest Exhibition, The Garden, where Erik Madigan Heck and Saul Leiter’s photography are displayed. The Garden is an ongoing body of work depicting Heck’s wife and two young sons in a variety of richly colourful surroundings. However, for many, the main draw to this exhibition will be the section of Saul Leiter’s Painted Nudes. The marriage of his highly-skilled photographic skills and painterly expertise culminate in these intimate, profound, and deeply confidential works, which are now available to the public. It was not until after Leiter passed away in November of 2013 that the public was able to access into his personal sphere. While Leitier is known for his prolific contribution to color photography in the 1940s and 1950s, acclaimed for his vibrant hue and artisan skill that stands out among his contemporaries – some say his most truthful and masterful work is his painted nudes.

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