Whimsically beautiful, Angela West’s new exhibition, Persephone, at Jackson Fine Art is comprised of mixed media works, wisps of paint layered over photographs of nature, canary yellows and cherry reds complementing spring flowers and forests. The title references Persephone, the Greek goddess of spring and queen of the underworld, the contrast between cheerful colors and moody shadows in West’s exhibition reflecting the division between the goddess’ dominions. A pandemic project, Persephone incorporates photographs from West’s My 33rd Spring series, originally displayed in 2003 during her first solo show. Returning to the images now, West paints over them, further developing their beauty while adding an abstract twist. Shades of paint are either delicate, inviting hues or dark, moody shades, invoking spring growth and dark thunderstorms respectively, imbuing the theme of nature, both wistfully romantic and broodingly melancholy, throughout the works.

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