Michael Stipe: ‘I’ve known Christy Bush most of her life. She has always had an eye, and she’s always had a look – it is what first pulled me to her, to compliment her style, one neon night outside the 40 Watt club in Athens, Georgia. Taking pictures is her calling. There is a natural eye for beauty, which she is not afraid of, that follows through from her very earliest work to her most recent images. I was the first person to buy one of her photos — Corn Dogs and Coffee — for 50 bucks.’ Christy Bush: ‘I started taking pictures as a way of remembering. Proof that I had been there. We were on our way to the county fair, which is my favourite fall tradition in the South. On many of its back roads, it’s not unusual to come across an abandoned race car which begs for a picture.’

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