Jody Fausett is a fine art photographer in Atlanta whose work is supplemented by occasional excursions into sculpture, illustration and video.

When Fausett was a teen freshly out on his own, he moved into a trailer near his parents’ property to create his photography studio which he called “my version of Andy Warhol’s ‘The Factory.’” There his friends would join him in “putting on costumes, putting on lingerie, smoking cigarettes, photographing it and just being bad in general.”

Today his art maintains those early instincts, inspired by ‘70s cinema, rock music, “bad perfume and cologne commercials — anything that is ‘the fantasy.’” After studying photography at the Art Institute of Atlanta, Fausett spent several years working in New York City. He returned to Georgia in 2004, where he continues to pursue imagery suggestive of the “Southern noir” oeuvre while living and exhibiting in Atlanta.

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