Our POST-her show has been a huge success! The opening last Saturday night was packed and we were excited with the energy that everyone brought to the event. Over 30 posters sold on the spot, and we are continuing to get calls about them. We are thrilled for all of the artists involved. The posters will only be available until the 30th of October. Let us know if you are interested in one. Please check out Rebecca Dimling Cochran's review of the show on ArtsCriticATL.com

For this creative and intelligently assembled show, curators Angela West and Anna Walker Skillman invited a group of local artists to create portraits of women that return to a traditional compositional style of a single sitter, facing the viewer, highlighting the sitter’s beauty and stature. They selected nineteen images from those submitted but, contrary to the preciousness of the traditional portrait, they produced them as 24 x 36 unlimited editioned posters that are each being sold for only $50. After October 31, no more orders will be taken and the artists, who each had to pony up the same amount for production costs, will share equally in the profits. Clearly the show was about making affordable work available to the public and about creating a sense of community amongst the Atlanta-based participants. The bonus was what an intelligent show it turned out to be.  To see this can-do kind of idea and spirit coming from a commercial gallery and an established artist (who did not participate herself) is heartwarming indeed.

Read the full review here. You can view each of the posters on our facebook page. To purchase posters, please email courtney@jacksonfineart.com or call the gallery at 404.233.3739.