Once again this summer, Courtney and I found ourselves at one of our favorite art fairs - ArtHamptons! We are very excited to share this year's artists: David Leventi, Vee Speers, and Tierney Gearon as well as Paper-Cut-Project. David Leventi's "Opera" series gives us a look into opera houses from across the world. Photographed with an 8 x 10 large format camera, Leventi's photographs hold immense detail of the grandiose in Italy, to the in New York, to the small and lesser-known Amargosa in Death Valley. We also have Tierney Gearon's newest series, The Shape of Things, where Gearon places her children and pets inside multicolored plexiglass boxes within striking landscapes. “The funny thing is no one tries to get out,” she mentions in a recent interview with NY Times, “That’s what’s so crazy. They just stay in there looking around. Once they’re in the box, they start doing their own thing.” Using $20,000 worth of plexi in 14 different colors, 25 subjects and 6 animals - including her cat, Stryker, these images are incredible! Thirteen, the latest series by Vee Speers, features her daughter in thirteen different guises. From warrior to angelic, each costume represents her daughter at the age of thirteen. Reminiscent of her previous series, The Birthday Party, the images are subtle yet powerful. The Paper-Cut-Project wigs from the creative team of Amy Flurry and Niki Nye are always a hit! The wigs have been most recently circulating the fashion world and were featured internationally through exhibits by Cartier and Kate Spade, and magazines such as Italian Vogue.