Jackson Fine Art is proud to announce photographer Matthew Pillsbury’s second solo-exhibition at the gallery. Using long exposure times, Pillsbury transforms lights into a metaphoric spectrum of the way we live our lives. There’s the pervasive lure of televisions and computer screens, simultaneously pulling us into and away from the world around us. While televisions and computers can forge connections between people, some question the quality of these bonds, believing them no substitute for genuine face-to-face conversation. Pillsbury says he hopes “his pictures invite viewers to examine the role that technology has taken in their lives.” Pillsbury also employs long exposures to measure human interaction. Strangers quickly passing each other in museum halls appear on film like dissipating swirls of smoke. Only when companions stay together in one place long enough do they show up looking like individuals. The metaphor is obvious: some people are unmistakably present in our lives, some not even an afterthought. His enormous photographs nearly glow—some vibrate with a frenetic energy and others slowly dim to a sense of calm. Through his masterful use of light in these stunning photographs, Pillsbury relays several dimensions of the contemporary human condition.