As objects and places become familiar and routine, one often forgets that everything can become new again when perspectives are changed or time progresses. Jackson Fine Art is thrilled to exhibit photographer,  Abelardo “Abe” Morell,  who recognizes the possibilities involved in innovative approaches to life’s everyday. Through Morell’s lens books assume the physical manifestation of the prolific occasions usually relegated to the space between covers, pages reliant on infiniteness of language. Some become gargantuan, others seem regal. Ruined books, with waterlogged pages, have the same sage-like quality of tree rings, uncovering a recently exposed history. Morell can capture the landscape revolutionized by a digital world engaging technology that has been available for hundreds of years. Utilizing the concept of a camera obscura, Morell converts entire rooms into a trap for light, able to, only after many hours, superimpose the imagery of the world onto whatever the light touches. The vast nature of a landscape is altered when confined in an interior space as some kind of ephemeral wallpaper. Morell’s mystical photographs give pause to our seemingly permanent perception of things we fail to recognize as temporary.