Jackson Fine Art is excited to celebrate the spirit of summer with exhibitions of new work by contemporary artist Terri Loewenthal, as well as iconic works from legends Danny Lyon and Ansel Adams.

Psychscapes is the gallery’s first exhibition of work by Oakland-based artist Terri Loewenthal. Loewenthal investigates the sublime expanse of land and sky romanticized in the still-potent mythology of Utopian California, a subverted nod to early twentieth century landscape photographers like Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham, and Edward Weston. Psychscapes are single-exposure, in-camera compositions that utilize a special optics developed by the artist to compress vast spaces into evocative environments. These photographs combine traditions in landscape photography with explorations into the psychology of perception. Though her Psychscapes are largely devoid of the human subject, Loewenthal integrates the concept of the free spirit with nature, and constructs a complex layering of color, history, and terrain.