Also on display in the viewing room will be a series of pinhole photographs by Willie Anne Wright, a new artist for Jackson Fine Art. Wright has been working since the seventies, largely in lensless pinhole and photogram photography, and a recent return to these earlier processes within photography at large has brought attention to this incredible body of work. Accompanied by a new book from Candela Press (April 2016), Direct Positive explores Wright’s innovative use of Cibachrome color material and her production of unique direct positive images. Strangely saturated color, visual distortion and vibrant ideas gave rise to these beautiful and insistent objects. 

Wright's paintings, serigraphs and drawings were her professional focus until 1972 when pinhole photography became her primary creative medium. Since then her lensless photography — pinhole and photogram — have been exhibited nationally and internationally, and have been included among numerous publications such as Art News, The Oxford American, Le Stenope, and The Book of Alternative Processes.