Dear Friends and Family of Jackson Fine Art Dear and close friends Austin Young and David Burns are both here in Atlanta producing work for our very own the Contemporary Art Center under the acclaimed Los Angeles based art collaborative FALLEN FRUIT.  I am honored to have know Austin for over 20 years from my early days living in San Francisco.  I would love for you to come and join in the art collaboration to have your PUBLIC PEACH PORTRAIT made this weekend at the Contemporary Art Center on Saturday 2-5pm or the Grant Park Farmers Market on Sunday from 9:30 to 1pm.  See details below.  We are lucky to have such an amazing art collaborative working in our city!  Cudos to the director Stuart Horodner for bringing them across country and honoring their work to be premiered for the October Art Party at the Contemporary Art Center. PLEASE READ BELOW AND BECOME A PART OF FALLEN FRUIT ATLANTA. Regards, Anna Walker Skillman owner Jackson Fine Art Saturday, August 17th from 2pm to 5pm at TRUNKSHOW at the Contemporary Art Center and Sunday, August 18th, from 9:30am to 1pm at Grant Park Farmer's Market "EVERYONE'S A GEORGIA PEACH" (PUBLIC PEACH PORTRAITS) - Fallen Fruit invites everyone to participate in a project about the peach. Public Peach Portraits are a collection of  hand drawn and photographic portraits and personal story-telling.  This triptych of personal narratives is in collaboration with the  citizens of Atlanta and the Georgia peach.  A ripe peach serves as a symbol of many things.  When ripe, the firm peach is fuzzy and full of juice; the sweet flavor ,the subtle texture,  and the luscious aroma gives the peach  the essence of pleasure and perfection.  For many, the taste of a 'Georgia Peach' is hard to describe, in some ways it could be called an experience.   The portraits we make this weekend will be included in our upcoming show, 'Fallen Fruit of Atlanta' opening October 19th at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. Fallen Fruit in the NY TIMES: 'Fallen Fruit of Atlanta' opens October 19th: ABOUT FALLEN FRUIT Fallen Fruit is a collaborative art project that began in Los Angeles with creating maps of public fruit: the fruit trees growing on or over public property.   Fallen Fruit uses cartography and geography as an indexical platform to generate serialized and site-specific works of art that often embrace public participation.  The work of Fallen Fruit includes photographic portraits, experimental documentary videos, public art installations, and curatorial projects.  Using fruit as a method of reframing the familar, Fallen Fruit investigates urban space, ideas of neighborhood, and new forms of citizenship.   From protests to proposals for new urban green space, Fallen Fruit’s work aims to reconfigure the relationship of sharing and explore understandings of public and private, as well as real world and real time.  We consider fruit to be many things; it’s a subject and object at the same time it is aesthetic.  Fruit often triggers a childhood memory;  it’s emotional and familiar.  Everyone is an expert on the flavor of a banana.  Much of this work is linked to ideas of place and family, and much of these works echo a sense of connectedness with something very primal – our capacity to share with others.  see more at Fallen Fruit 2013 Creative Capital Grantee, Emerging Fields 2013 Emerging Fields, Muriel Pollia Foundation Awardee