Andrea Torres Balaguer (b. 1990) embodies distinct characters in her captivating self-portraits. These photographs could easily be mistaken for oil paintings, with their rich, jewel toned backgrounds and serene subjects posed in the centre of the composition. Most striking of all are the bold brush strokes that cover the faces, acting as masks that conceal the identity and expression of the person beneath. In the spirit of René Magritte’s famous painting The Son of Man (1964), the contemporary photographer leaves an important part of the image a mystery. She is also highly selective when it comes to what is being shown to the viewer, considering everything from clothing choices to hand placement. Showcasing the artist’s signature style, five images from her series The Unknown are now on display as part of the exhibition In the Viewing Room at Jackson Fine Art, Atlanta. In this interview, Balaguer shares with us the evolution of her practice, her creative process and recent experience shooting the Dior 2023 Cruise Collection.

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