Andrea Torres Balaguer Biography

Andrea Torres Balaguer (b.1990) is a Spanish photographer whose passion for photography remains deeply rooted in her preoccupation with the mystery and ambiguity the medium oftentimes provides. Looking to masters like Duane Michals, Sally Mann and Annie Leibovitz, Torres has developed a distinct quality to her works that alludes to a dark and moody aesthetic while pushing the boundaries of portrait photography beyond its traditional limitations. 

Working as a fashion photographer in Barcelona, Torres intersects this aesthetic with elements of couture in the series’ The Unknown and Hivernacle. The self-portraits are photographed in natural light, and draped in provocative silks, lace, and velvets. Torres’ execution of the composition creates a painterly portrait that triggers all of the senses - so rich in texture and their brilliant, jewel-toned colors. The narrative is pushed one step further with the unique brushstroke that is applied across the subject’s face post-production, making each image slightly different from the others in its small edition. The viewer is left to create their own interpretation and decipher for themselves what is reality and what is fiction.

Torres graduated from the University of Barcelona with a degree in Fine Arts. After winning her first award, Artevistas New Talents, her work has been exhibited in Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, New York, London, and Brussels, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Mexico. Her work is included in the private collections of Fundació Vila Casas, Col·lecció Bassat, and Universitat de Barcelona. Torres has been published in magazines such as Elle FranceMarie Claire France and Italy, AD MagazineNuevo EstiloFubiz, LamonoIgnant magazine and Worbz. in 2018 she was selected to take part in Elles x Paris Photo and has been recently been selected as one of the “top five artists to invest in” in Art Madrid 2019.