Meghann Riepenhoff, an Atlanta native, creates dynamic camera-less cyanotypes by allowing her materials to organically interact with the forces of nature she manipulates. The elements that she employs in the process — waves, surface water, wind, and sediment — leave physical inscriptions through their direct contact with photographic paper. For Imprint, her first solo exhibition in the south, Riepenhoff has  returned  to  the  region  to  make  prints  in  landscapes  where  she  spent  the  first  half  of  her  life  and  revisits regularly. Photographs  made  at  the  Chattahoochee  River  or  in  North  Georgia  Lakes are stained by Georgia Red Clay; rain  drops  from  summer  storms  mark  prints  from  Hilton  Head  Island’s  shoreline.  These  places  have  shaped  Riepenhoff’s  experience,  as  they  have  shaped  works  in  the  exhibition —according to Riepenhoff, “through questioning  our  complex  personal,  anthropogenic,  and  interdependent  relationships  with  our  environment.”