Matthew Pillsbury

Matthew Pillsbury Biography French-American photographer Matthew Pillsbury (1973-present) specializes in taking photos with long exposure times, using only available light. Most of Matthew Pillsbury’s photography focuses on city life, the passage of time and the relationship between both the disconnect and unification modern technology summons. His most well-known series is titled Screen Lives, and focuses on how people interact (and...

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Goya's Duchess of Alba, Goya Order & Disorder, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, 2014 (TV14685) Morning Rave, Judson Memorial Church Vermeer’s The Art of Painting, Vienna Kuntsthistorisches Museum Goya’s Last Communion of Saint Joseph of Calasanz, Museum of Fine Art Boston, (TV14686) Jane’s Carousel, Brooklyn, New York Unisphere, Queen, NY, 2016 (TV16056)