Thomas Jackson

Thomas Jackson Biography Thomas Jackson was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1971 and grew up in Providence, Rhode Island. After earning a B.A. in History from the College of Wooster in 1993, he spent much of his career in New York as an editor and book reviewer for magazines including Forbes Life . It was his particular interest in photography books that led him to pick up a camera, first shooting Garry Winogrand-inspired street scenes, then landscapes, and finally the installation work he does today. Looking at any of Thomas Jackson’s work reveals an eye for the fantastic and the surreal. At sunset, ordinary beach scenes showcase swirling mists of pink, blue, yellow, and green. A verdant meadow highlights a line of what could be frilly and colorful skirts flying around as if they’re migrating to another location. His abstract photographs combine landscapes, sculpture, and kinetic art. He specializes in bright colors against natural backgrounds as well as urban landscapes. Thomas Jackson's work can be found in the collections of Delta Airlines, JP Morgan Chase, United Talent Agency in Los Angeles, Berkshire Partners, as well as Fidelity Investments in Boston. You can also see his work at the University of Oregon, MIT, and The Center for Photography in Woodstock, Massachusetts. Thomas Jackson was named one of the Critical Mass Top 50 in 2012 and won the “installation/still-life” category of PDN’s The Curator award in 2013.

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