Jack Spencer believes that all art is self-portraiture in its purest form. In his first body of work,

Native Soil , he traveled across the southern U.S. breaking down misconceptions that were

established in his youth. Jack’s older images reflect and invoke a southern sensibility with many

of his subjects commonly rooted in the rural delta culture. Since then he traveled the country and

into Mexico, always allowing life to lead him to his next series. His most recent photographs are a

departure from the layered portraits and landscapes found in Native Soil  and Apariciones.  He

describes these new works as ‘over-exposed and minimalist’. Working in St. Augustine, Florida, a

pastel palette makes these photographs feel similar to watercolor paintings. In addition to this

different approach in style, Spencer has also changed his process in that they have a very clean,

polished appearance compared to his earlier mixed-media photos. This combination allows these

painterly new works to stand out in Spencer’s varied collection.