Carolyn Carr Biography 

Carolyn Carr (b. 1966) received her BFA from the Atlanta College of Art in 1992. Since, she has been actively engaged as a painter, photographer, sculptor, and installation artist. A multi-generational Southerner, Carolyn Carr's photography evolves out of her interest in understanding her complicated lineage. Carolyn Carr's photography makes standalone objects that are often arranged using the various paradigms of domestic interiors. Thus far, Carolyn Carr's photos have created a kitchen, a vestibule, a hallway, a photographer's studio, and a fictitious story, all to illustrate the challenges between cultural and personal identity.

In addition to her studio practice, photographer Carolyn Carr advocates for artists and arts organizations by working on the board of the Forward Arts Foundation and the Cherokee Garden Library at the Atlanta History Center. Past board work includes the Hambidge Center for the Arts and Sciences, the Fulton County Arts Council, and the Castleberry Hill Neighborhood Association. Carolyn Carr lives and works in Atlanta, GA, and Western North Carolina.

Carolyn Carr's works include bright, colorful, and radiant images that are an amalgam of striking contrast, caught in sensational angles. Her diverse work seeks visionary beauty in ordinary objects that viewers encounter. 

Her photographs capture the natural essence of colorful floral bouquets, crystallized rocks, luscious fruits, and more. Carolyn Carr's cheerier content is found in her recent work, which features stunning photographs from her floral-inspired collection. Some of her most eye-catching pieces include 'Color Study,' 'Daisy with Insect,' 'Bouquet,' and 'Afternoon Shadows.'

Carolyn Carr's photographs are an apposition of beauty caught in natural moments. Her art signifies the exquisiteness of everyday objects that are often overlooked. This compels viewers to find the extraordinary within the mundane, coercing them to take time out of their daily routines to treasure the beauty that surrounds them. 

Her collection is highly versatile, ranging from bright and colorful portraits to serene and vintage pieces. Some of her most notable works include the 'Andalusia' collection, which features thought-provoking pieces that evoke nostalgic emotions. 'Kenny on Peachtree,' 'Her Feathers,' 'Landing,' and 'Eric' are some of the most popular pieces in this collection. 

Carr's Andalusia collection features everyday art, including people, places, and objects. The 'Aphrodite' series is another striking collection captured by Carolyn Carr. As the name suggests, these pieces include beauty-seized imagery of Aphrodite's statue. These images epitomize love, beauty, pleasure, passion, and procreation - all characteristics that the Greek Goddess was known for.  These masterpieces represent the feminist struggles that modern-day women have yet to overcome. 

The photographs also highlight similarities in the cognitive processes, the convoluted-ness of relationships, and the complexity of emotion that has remained unchanged since the beginning of time. Thus, this art provokes a sense of belongingness between the art and viewer. 

Carolyn Carr truly has a way with colors. Her passion for capturing bright and striking images is also reflected in her 'Vessels' collection. These pieces encapsulate the provocative essence of their bright, radiant, and colorful vessels, each featuring a unique shape, distinct color, and an interesting texture. 

The art embodies the juxtaposition between traditional and modern elements by digitizing its conventional aspects. These images combine the old and the new, helping the viewer see between the lines and inspect the beauty in time-worn objects.