Langdon Clay Biography

Langdon Clay was born in the middle of a hurricane in New York City in 1949. He grew up in New Jersey and Vermont and went to school in New Hampshire and Boston. He got his first camera on St. Patrick's Day, 1968. His first roll of film was of Robert Kennedy leading the parade in New York. Three months later the presidential candidate was assassinated. Langdon Clay moved to New York in 1971 and spent the next 16 years photographing there and around the country and in Europe for magazines and books like Jefferson's Monticello by Howard Adams and the Burgandy cookbook My Chateau Kitchen by Anne Willen. In 1987, Langdon Clay moved to Mississippi and has worked from there with his wife photographer Maude Schuyler Clay. They have three adult children; Anna, Schuyler, and Sophie. His book CARS - New York City, 1974-1976 was published by Stiedl in December 2016.