Felicia Feaster interviewed Todd Selby in The Atlantan:

Called the "Horst of the hip set" by The New York Times, Brooklyn-based lensman Todd Selby, 33, offers a very different peak into private lives with his eclectic cast of global boho-istas slinking about their funky digs in his stylish theselby.com blog and his recent book from Abrams, The Selby is in Your Place. Selby's eccentric approach to portraiture has gained him access to an astonishing array of homes, from Chanel uber-designer Karl Lagerfeld's Paris space to the bibelot-dense worlds of Lauran Canyon, East Village and Tokyo hipsters.

Tag Christof wrote in 2DM / Blogazine:

Todd Selby – as in The Selby – is at long last making his gallery debut. Featured alongside the prolific and renowned French-American portrait photographer Elliott Erwitt, the ensemble show is sure to be a landmark look at the evolving practice of portraiture. By capturing subjects – carefully considered and extraordinarily creative subjects – within the natural habitats of their eccentric and particular home or work spaces, Selby manages, fluently and effortlessly, to construct images that leave a 360° impression.

Alana Wolf at Burnaway wrote:

If you are like most humans living on earth, The Selby has never set foot in Your Place. But if you are sufficiently interesting, well-connected, and, above all, in possession of a certain creative panache, you may not want to rule out the possibility of a visitation. The Selby is in Your Place, showing at Jackson Fine Art in Buckhead through March 25, 2011, introduces Atlanta audiences to the work of blogger and photographer Todd Selby. The Selby, as he is known, has featured his friends and acquaintances in their natural habitats on theselby.com since 2008, and his following has grown from embryonically cultic to an enthusiastic adoption by some of the most powerful names in fashion and design.
Annette Joseph wrote on her blog:
I may have a bit of a crush, a creative one anyway...
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