Vee Speers Biography

Fine art photographer Vee Speers (1962-present) was born in Newcastle, Australia. Vee Speers' photography is best known for her painterly and surreal portraits. Though subject matter varies, Vee Speers tends to investigate themes related to youth, glamour, sex and immortality. She studied photography in Brisbane before moving to Paris in 1990 to work in fashion and photojournalism, where she continues to reside today. Celebrated series The Birthday Party (2004) follows a group of children — Vee's daughter and her friends — dressed as monsters they created; the life-sized images feel both timeless and bizarre, pulled off by simple backdrops and the comfort Vee Speers summoned from her young subjects.

For Bulletproof (2015), Vee Speers revisits the children of The Birthday Party as they enter adolescence, and the work takes on a new strength as they come into their own and out into the world. 

Vee Speers’ published monographs include The Birthday Party (Dewi Lewis Publishing, UK, 2008), Bordello (Periplus, London, 2004), and Bulletproof (Kehrer Verlag, 2015).

Vee Speers was one of the four photographers featured at the 2010 Fotografiska Museum opening in Stockholm, Sweden (artists Annie Liebovitz, Joel-Peter Witkin and Lennart Nilsson joined her). Vee Speers’ photos are included in the Sir Elton John Collection, DZ Bank Germany, New York’s Alan Seigel, the George Eastman Museum, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and more.